The Dev team are the expert IT division of Kufuma Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

With the aim to ‘move your business forward’ in the ever changing business world,

we are developers, business analysts and project managers with decades of expertise and specialised knowledge in the Information Technology Industry

Specialising in……..

The Dev Team Holistic IT Provider

Holistic Info Tech Solutions for every client’s requirements!

Traditional IT as most companies know it has changed and is more Information Technology than ever before.

Companies operate in an era where information and the handling of it is as important as currency.

Communicating with your customers, gathering their information and discerning it to supply business related information that increases the companies bottom line is possible now with the correct business system intervention.

With our affiliation to Kufuma we have learnt first-hand the importance of “People Power”, The Dev Team have service offerings that will assist with growing the true power of your people by implementing the right technology hardware and software.

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Web & Application Development

Dev Team Mobile App & Website Development

With years of experience The Dev Team has the expertise to design and develop Mobile Applications and Websites that are not only jaw dropping but also aimed at full business and client integration.

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Business Systems Development

Bespoke Web Business Systems

With the competitive nature of business in modern days and the importance of  using effective technologies to operate the business, companies are finding that off-the-shelf  systems do not meet their company’s exacting needs. The Dev Team can develop bespoke business systems to meet your company’s needs.

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Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the most effective method of marketing for any company and has been proven to yield the best results vs money spent, however effective marketing is not a “1 Glove Fits All” solution but involves careful consideration and accurate assessment, contact us and let us find the glove that fits you…

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Learner Management & Training Systems

LMS & Online Training

Learner Management Systems (LMS) allow companies to effectively track, assign training and align succession and growth paths for employees. The Dev Team will supply, install and manage the LMS that best fits your compnay and it staff. Get in touch with us and we will see what best works for you….

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IT Hardware supply and management

IT Sales and Managmenet

Because every village or site is a ‘Home away from Home’ we take great pride in the tidiness and aesthetic appeal of all our landscaped areas.

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Successful Projects & Satisfied Clients

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Web Based Business Systems Development
We will meet with you, write the specification, development and manage the project to supply you with a be-spoke business system that will meet your companies specific needs.

Contact us so we can meet to brainstorm your company’s needs.

Learner Management & Assessment Management Systems
We will provide a robust Learner Management System to allow for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

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Website Design and Development
Websites are not only the most effective method of communicating with new, potential and existing clients but also the most cost effective showroom your company will ever have. Using WordPress we design and develop websites that allow our clients to maintain the information on the website themselves.

Contact us now so we can help your company reach it’s full potential.

Website Optimisation and Online Marketing
Just having a website will not guarantee potential clients will find your website, fortunately online marketing is more cost effective than traditional methods such as TV, Radio and Print.

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Mobile Application Development
Mobile users are the largest number of active internet users, it therefore makes sense that if your company has the requirement an effective mobile application will be beneficial to both you and your clients.

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IT Hardware Supply and Support Services
The supply of a full range of computer hardware and software to business along with the support is the final piece of our Info Tech Services bundle.

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Why The Dev Team?

Extensive experience – The Directors of the company have decades of first-hand experience in the industry, ensuring high levels of professionalism and excellent service.

Cost efficacy – We offer cost effective holistic IT Services from managing your services electronically to supplying you with the hardware to use those services allowing you to do what your company requires from you. Leave the IT headache to us.

Core values – Sound principles encompassing honesty, integrity and accountability, are not just promises but practiced daily.

We meet deadlines – Cognisant of time-frames and budgets, we are able to mobilise quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing fast but uncompromised turn-around times.

Bespoke and focused customer service – Able to create tailor made services for every client’s unique and specific needs, we meet every expectation with an open willingness to meet and surpass our mandate.

Consistency and compliance – All required relevant standards are strictly complied with through regular internal and external audits.